ECMTA-02, Ravello, May 27 - June 1, 2002

Ravello is a small and very touristic town. It has a few hotels, and booking must be made early. We have booked rooms and obtained discounted prices at the hotels listed below, through the Agency that takes care of the organisation. Some flats are also available, see the information below.
Finally, we listed a few other hotels with the prices they quoted us. In these hotels, you must make the room reservation yourself.

Addresses of the hotels where participants are staying. Unless otherwise indicated, all hotels are in Ravello.
Hotel Graal, Via Della Repubblica 8, ph 089/857551
Hotel Giordano, Via SS Trinita 14, ph 089/857071
Hotel Bonadies , P.zza Fontana, ph 089/857918
Hotel Parsifal, V. d'Anna 5, ph 089/857144
Hotel Toro, Vl Wagner 3, ph 089/857211
Hotel Villa Amore, Via Santa Chiara, ph 089/857135
Hotel ``Da Salvatore'', Via della Repubblica 2ù, ph 089/857227
Hotel Garden, Via Boccaccio 4, ph 089/857226
Hotel Zi'ntonio (Scala), Via Torricella 39, Scala, ph 089/857118
Apt. Monte , Via Monte 17

Hotels demand that the occupant takes at least Half-board (i.e., has lunch or dinner at the hotel). Prices for Full-board (lunch and dinner) are also indicated. If you choose half-board, you may later change the meal you want to take, as long as you notify the hotel sufficiently in advance. There are very few single rooms, and most participants will have to share their room with another person. We will ask you to give the name of the person you wish to share with (otherwise, the Agency will assign you a roommate of the same gender, and you will have a Twin room).

A Twin room is a room with two small beds, a Double room is a room with one large bed. As the rooms are big, it is possible to get an extra small bed in the room (at additional cost). The 3rd person in a room will get a discount of a certain percentage on the price per person of a half-board room (Example: 3 people share a room in Hotel Graal. The total cost for the room in half-board will be of 79+79+(79 * 0.7)=213.3 Euros. Each person wanting full board will pay an additional 15 Euros.)

In some hotels it is possible, modulo an additional fee, for a single person to occupy a Double or Twin room. However, due to the limited number of rooms we were able to reserve, very few people will be able to take this option.

All hotels listed below are in Ravello, excepted Hotel Zi'ntonio, which is in Scala, a small town 2km away from Ravello (less than 30 min. walk). Scala is also very pretty, and we recommend this to people with limited funds.

The prices indicated below are in Euros, per person, in a double or twin room, and with half-board. Hotel Graal has "De luxe" rooms, at an additional cost of 30 Euros per night per person. (Note that Graal's rates for a double went down, from 95 to 79E).

Hotel Half-board
(per person)
Additional cost
for Full board
for 3rd person
Additional cost
for single use
of Double
Hotel Bonadies **** 75 +16 - 31
Hotel Parsifal *** 78 +10 30% -
Hotel Graal *** 79 +15 30% 51
Hotel Toro ** 62 +8 30% -
Hotel Giordano *** 88 +16 20% 50
Hotel Villa Maria **** 108 +16 20% 50
Hotel Garden ** 62 +10 - -
Hotel Zi'ntonio ** (in Scala) 46 +11 20% 25

In addition to hotels, it is also possible to book accommodation in a flat in Ravello. This type of accommodation is cheaper than most hotels, but less comfortable. Rooms are shared by 2 people, and the bathroom by 6. The price is of 50 Euros per person and per night, and includes breakfast. Additional cost for a meal: 10 Euros.

The prices indicated below are in Euros, per person, in a double or twin room, and with half-board. B & B means Bed and Breakfast.

HotelFax Number Half-board
(per person)
Additional cost
for Full board
Hotel La Margherita ***
Via Torricella, 20, in Scala
39 089 857106
78+10 Possibility of B&B:
93 E. per day per room


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