Euro-Conference in Model Theory and Applications
Ravello, May 27 - June 1, 2002
Latest info

This page contains, in reverse chronological order, the information sent out to the participants, as well as some additional information.

(May 24)

The conference office is located in Villa Rufolo (main square of Ravello), and is open from 8:30 to 19:00 (8:30am - 7pm), starting on Sunday May 26, at 9:30. The phone number of the office is (from abroad): 39 089 8586255.

To register, please go to the conference office when you arrive in Ravello (Villa Rufolo, open from 8:30 till 19:00, starting on Sunday 26). There, we will settle the financial matters, and you will receive the hotel and meal vouchers, and the conference package. You may also pay for the excursion and banquet, and receive the corresponding vouchers. After registering, you will be accompanied to your hotel.

People arriving on the late bus of Sunday May 26, will be taken to their hotel, where they will get a cold dinner. They should register Monday morning at the conference office, starting at 8:30.

For those of you who are receiving money from us (speakers included): please do not forget to bring your plane or train ticket, as well as some proof of identity (passport, etc.)

The lectures will take place in Chiesa dell' Annunziata (this is a church on Via dell'Annunziata, not far from the conference office). The conference officially starts on Monday at 9:45, the first talk is at 10:15.

A list of participants and their hotels will be left at the conference office and at Hotel Graal.

At the airport, the information desk stays open until the last plane of the day arrives. In case your plane is very much delayed, we might leave a message for you there.

(May 23) Dear participant,

BUSES (click here for the final schedule of the buses).
In the next message, you will find the final scheduling of the buses (it is also posted on the Web). If your name is not on the list, you can still board any of the buses, but on a first-come first-served basis. [So this is at your own risk: if the last bus is full, you will have to take a taxi to Ravello, shared with other participants if possible. Let us hope this does not happen].

The meeting points are as follows:
In the train station (Napoli Centrale): please wait in the waiting room, someone will come and waive a poster of the conference. If you have a long time to wait, you may want to check your luggage in the locker-room. Be careful: the locker room CLOSES at 20:00 (=8pm).

In the airport: please wait near the car rental offices (located inside the building). Someone will come and waive a poster of the conference. There is a bar and a pizzeria in the airport, where you can spend time if you arrive early.

All the people who took half-board at their hotel will get a dinner (the people on the last bus will get a cold dinner).

There will be an excursion on Thursday afternoon, to Pompei. The cost will be of 14 Euros per person, plus the entrance fee to the site (6 Euros). If you wish to go, you need to tell us before 16:30 on Monday, May 27.

The conference office WILL have a phone number, but we will only know it tomorrow, and I'll send it to you then.

On our Web site, you can find two maps of Ravello. Map 1, Map 2 (more detailed).

There will be two terminals, running under Windows.

(May 17, corr. May 18) Dear participant,

Many of you have wondered about their hotel accommodation: if you have received this message, this means that you have a hotel room booked for you. If for some reason, you absolutely need to know where you are staying before Sunday, you can contact me and I'll tell you ( (Of course, when you take the bus on Sunday May 26, someone will tell you where you are staying).

At this moment, we do not have enough information to schedule the buses of May 26, only 90 people gave the information concerning their arrival. Please do so, as soon as possible (
There will be three buses on May 26, the last one will be at the airport at 21:30 and wait for all the late-comers. Please note: buses can take only 50 people, and we are 130. So we need to plan carefully the bus-loads, and fill the buses to capacity. (The worst case of figure would be to have the two earlier buses not full, and 70 people at the airport at 21:30). So, please help us to do a good job.
Once we have the requested information, we will send out a message with the list of people on each bus, as well as instructions on the meeting points and times. This information will also be posted on the Web (, which you can consult from any Cyber-café if you are travelling.
There will be a bus leaving from Ravello and going to the airport very early on Sunday June 2 (4:30).

Ravello is on a mountain, so the temperature is cooler than on the coast. Expect 18 to 22 degrees centigrades (=64-72 Fahrenheit). There are nice beaches in Amalfi (a half-hour bus ride from Ravello).

(May 7, 2002) Dear participant,

Here is some partial information about the conference, and request for help.

Very few people have given us the information about their arrival. In order that we can organise the buses effectively, please tell us as soon as possible:
The date, time and place of your arrival (train station or airport) in Naples. Do not forget to specify am or pm if confusion is possible.

If you DO NOT NEED transportation to Ravello, please let us also know. Please e-mail this information to Eva Ferrara Dentice

Some of you are taking a very early plane on Sunday June 2, a bus will be organised at 4:30 am on June 2 from Ravello, if necessary.

More details on the buses will be e-mailed to you approximately a week before the conference. The information will also be posted on our Web page ( Titles of talks and abstracts can also be found there on the programme page.

A banquet in honour of A.J. Macintyre will take place on Friday evening. The cost is of 45 Euros per person. Could you please reconfirm to us that you will or will not attend the banquet, by writing to This will help us estimate the number of people. (Do not forget to mention the number of accompanying persons, if necessary).

If you plan to spend some time in Naples after or before the meeting, you should book a hotel, as it it high season in Naples, and hotels are getting full.
Additional info. Official tourist site of Naples: (click on "Gli Alberghi"). Some hotels:
- Fontane a mare: 60 euros for a single with bathroom, 50 euros single without bathroom, 65 per room if two people share. Tel and fax: 081 7643470
This is a very simple hotel, the position is really nice, along the seashore, right in the citycenter. The rooms with bathroom don't have a nice view, while the ones without the bathroom have the view of the sea.

- Pinto Storey: 78 for a single with bathroom. Tel: 081 681260 or 081 660384; Fax: 081 667536
- Ruggiero: 65 for a single with bathroom. Tel and fax: 081 660362 or 081 663536
These last two are in the same building, very central, very safe area (the "good part" of the town).

- Canada is also in a convenient part of town, in Mergellina, near the station and underground, and the touristic port. Prices: single 98, double 139. Tel 081 682018; fax 081 680952.