Model theory and applications, Ravello, May 27 - June 1, 2002
How to get to Ravello

Updated March 6, 2002
Arrival date: May 26. Departure date: June 2.


Ravello is a small town located 6 km from the larger (and perhaps better known town) of Amalfi, 60 km (by road) South of Napoli and 30 km West of Salerno.

We intend to hire two or three charter buses for May 26 and June 2 (arrival and departure days). These buses will transport participants from Napoli (central train station, airport) to Ravello, and back. Some preliminary details are given below (item 1), more will be given later. You will also find details on how to reach Ravello by public transportation (please note: it takes at least two hours to go from Napoli to Ravello by public transportation). Again, the information given here is preliminary, and will be updated later. A taxi from Naples to Ravello will cost approximately 86 Euros.

Napoli (or Salerno) can be reached by air and by train. The Web site of public transportation in Campania (Naples county), at, has a search engine that takes as an input the place you wish to reach. Note that to reach Ravello you have got to go to Amalfi before and then change. Schedules of buses can be found on the Web page of ``Autolinee SITA'', at

Some translation: vai alla pagina = go to the page; Feriale = Monday-Saturday; Scolastico = not on bank holydays; Giornaliero = every day


1 - From Napoli-Capodichino-airport to Ravello with OUR shuttle coach

We are organizing a shuttle coach Napoli-Ravello. There will be two/three departures on Sunday May 26 from the Napoli railway station to Napoli Capodichino airport and then to Ravello. The departures will be in the afternoon and in the evening, at times to be announced later.
Please write as soon as possible to Eva Ferrara Dentice ( and give her the following information:

  • at what time you expect to arrive in Naples on the 26th, and where (which airport or train station, ...).
  • at what time does your plane, train, boat ... leave on Sunday the 2nd.

  • This information will be used to schedule the buses, so please arrange your travel plans early. It will be easier for us if you arrive (and leave) in the middle of the day.
    Return coaches will be scheduled for the morning June 2. Information will be available at the meeting. Please note that the lectures on June 1 will end in late afternoon, so that catching a plane that day will be difficult without missing any lectures.

    2 - How to go to Napoli/Salerno from Roma (airport) by train

    People arriving in Roma should first go to Napoli (or Salerno). The simplest way is by train. The main railway stations in Roma are: Roma Termini (the main station), Roma Tiburtina, Roma Ostiense and Roma Tuscolana. There are trains from Roma Fiumicino airport to Roma Ostiense, Roma Tuscolana, Roma Termini. Roma Ostiense is connected by a subterranean walkway to the underground [=Metropolitana] station Piramide. Underground trains also stop at the lower floor of station Roma Termini. Anyway, we recommend you to ask the local information offices once there.
    To get from Roma to Napoli we suggest you to use ES*-trains or IC-trains, avoid local trains, which are really slow (but cheap).
    Useful links: (and then "Orario") or [Finally, we heard there are trains run by airline companies from Roma Fiumicino airport to Napoli Mergellina railway station. Ask your airline company about this.]

    You can arrive at Napoli Centrale (often written Napoli C.le, the main railway station in Napoli) or at Napoli Campi Flegrei (= Napoli CF), Napoli Mergellina, or Napoli Piazza Garibaldi (= Napoli PG). These four stations are connected by underground trains [= Metropolitana]. Keep in mind that Napoli Piazza Garibaldi is simply the lower floor of Napoli Centrale. The Napoli railway information office telephone number is (39 081) 5543188.

    3 - From Napoli airport to Napoli Downtown

    Napoli airport is called Napoli Capodichino and is not far from the city centre.
    - There is also an efficient city bus connection to the centre.
    - A taxi ride is not very expensive (however it is advisable to ask the driver about the price BEFORE you get into the cab).
    - Note that there is NO underground connection.

    Some details at

    4 - From Napoli Downtown to Ravello, via Amalfi.

    Directly from Napoli to Amalfi by SITA bus. Departures from Napoli SITA station in Via Pisanelli, near to Piazza Municipio, facing Maschio Angioino Castle. Piazza Municipio is a large square close to the harbour.
    Schedules Naples-Amalfi: S502, S502/1, S508/3, S510
    Schedules Amalfi-Ravello: S511/1
    Note that there is ONLY one bus from Naples on Sundays (departing at 10am, line S502).
    There are city buses connecting Piazza Municipio to the airport Napoli Capodichino and to the main railway stations.

    5 - From Napoli-Capodichino-Airport to Ravello via Sorrento, by bus.

    There are buses of the company `Curreri Service' ( from Napoli Capodichino airport to Sorrento, with departures every day from 9:00 till 19:00. The travel takes 1 hour (approx.). [This timetable might change]. The buses look grey and blue. Once in Sorrento you can take the SITA bus to Amalfi (it is a 40 Km trip) and then change to Ravello (Details at Note that in Sorrento all buses stop in piazza Tasso, change there.
    Schedules Sorrento-Amalfi: S509
    Schedules Amalfi-Ravello: S511/1.

    6 - From Salerno to Ravello, via Amalfi

    The best way is by SITA bus. There are frequent departures from Salerno SITA station (close to the railway station) to Amalfi. In Amalfi change to Ravello. Details at One can also reach Salerno from Naples by bus.
    Schedules Salerno-Amalfi: S512/1
    Schedules Amalfi-Ravello: S511/1.
    Schedules Naples-Salerno: S500/1, S500/2.

    7 - Reaching Ravello by car

    Take the motorway A3 Napoli-Salerno and exit at gate Angri. Alternatively, you can take the motorway A30 Caserta-Salerno and exit at gate Nocera-Pagani (if coming from Roma, take A30). Then take the `Strada Provinciale del Chiunzi' Angri-Ravello (you do not have to drive through Amalfi this way).

    Other useful roads are: SS163 Salerno-Amalfi, SS145 Sorrento-Amalfi, SS375 Amalfi-Ravello.

    8 - Useful local information

    Ravello Tourist Office is in Piazza Duomo 39, tel. (39 089) 857096
    Ravello Taxi Company telephone number is (39 089) 857917.

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    The information on this page was collected by Ulderico Dardano