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Job openings

Job openings

Post-doc in Lille

By the recently obtained ERC Consolidator Grant on motivic integration, starting spring 2014, I can hire several postdocs between now and 2019. The (prolongable) contracts will be of one-year length each.

Note that the planned research on motivic integration and exponential sums involves techniques and results from algebraic and non-archimedean geometry, model theory, harmonic analysis, number theory, singularity theory, and there are applications to the Langlands Program. Hence, a broad range of talents and specialisms can fit into the research program.

Any interested person may contact me directly via email.

ERC Consolidator Grant MOTMELSUM, Motivic Mellin transforms and exponential sums through non-archimedean geometry

Tenure track positions at TU Dresden (Germany)

Deadline: 14 June 2018

Successful candidates could be based at the Institute of Algebra, where research topics include model theory, universal algebra and number theory. For more information contact Arno Fehm or Manuel Bodirsky

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