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Job openings

Job openings

Post-doc in Lille

By the recently obtained ERC Consolidator Grant on motivic integration, starting spring 2014, I can hire several postdocs between now and 2019. The (prolongable) contracts will be of one-year length each.

Note that the planned research on motivic integration and exponential sums involves techniques and results from algebraic and non-archimedean geometry, model theory, harmonic analysis, number theory, singularity theory, and there are applications to the Langlands Program. Hence, a broad range of talents and specialisms can fit into the research program.

Any interested person may contact me directly via email.

ERC Consolidator Grant MOTMELSUM, Motivic Mellin transforms and exponential sums through non-archimedean geometry

2017 Call for the Stimulus of Scientific Employment - Individual Support in Portugal

These are 6 year positions with contract in all scientific areas. The salary depends on the experience of the candidate, as there are four levels: Junior researcher, Assistant researcher, Principal researcher and Coordinating researcher.

Each candidate must choose a host institution. The logic group in Lisbon is particularly interested in attracting such candidates.

Additional details can be found here:

Mário Edmundo
Departamento de Matemática
Ciências ULisboa
Campo Grande, Edifício C6, Gabinete 6.1.12
P-1749-016 Lisboa

University Professor of Mathematical Logic Taking into Account the Foundations of Computer Science

At the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Vienna the position of a University Professor of Mathematical Logic Taking into Account the Foundations of Computer Science (full time, permanent position) is to be filled.

We are looking for an outstanding researcher and teacher, in any area of Computational Logic or Mathematical Logic, who will contribute to the Foundations of Computer Science, at least in teaching.

For more details, please visit

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