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Preprint Number 1161

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1161. Michel Hickel, Mickaël Matusinski
About algebraic Puiseux series in several variables

Submission date: 13 February 2017


We deal with the algebraicity of an iterated Puiseux series in several variables in terms of the properties of its coefficients. Our aim is to generalize to several variables the results from [HM15]. We show that the algebraicity of such a series for given bounded degrees is determined by a finite number of explicit universal polynomial formulas. Conversely, given a vanishing polynomial, there is a closed-form formula for the coefficients of the series in terms of the coefficients of the polynomial and of a bounded initial part of the series.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 13J05, 13F25, 14J99, 12Y99

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Full text arXiv 1702.03709: pdf, ps.

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