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1182. Alessandro Berarducci and Vincenzo Mantova
Transseries as germs of surreal functions

Submission date: 6 March 2017


We show that Écalle's transseries and their variants (LE and EL-series) can be interpreted as functions from positive infinite surreal numbers to surreal numbers. The same holds for a much larger class of formal series, here called omega-series. Omega-series are the smallest subfield of the surreal numbers containing the reals, the ordinal omega, and closed under the exp and log functions and all possible infinite sums. They form a proper class, can be composed and differentiated, and are surreal analytic. The surreal numbers themselves can be interpreted as a large field of transseries containing the omega-series, but, unlike omega-series, they lack a composition operator compatible with the derivation introduced by the authors in an earlier paper.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64, 16W60, 04A10, 26A12, 13N15

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Full text arXiv 1703.01995: pdf, ps.

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