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1203. Krzysztof Jan Nowak
The closedness theorem over Henselian valued fields

Submission date: 4 April 2017


We prove the closedness theorem over Henselian valued fields, which was established over rank one valued fields in one of our recent papers. In the proof, as before, we use the local behaviour of definable functions of one variable and the so-called fiber shrinking, which is a relaxed version of curve selection. Now our approach applies also relative quantifier elimination for ordered abelian groups due to Cluckers--Halupczok. Afterwards the closedness theorem will allow us to achieve i.a. the Łojasiewicz inequality, curve selection and extending hereditarily rational functions as well as to develop the theory of regulous functions and sheaves.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 12J15, 14G27, 03C10

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Full text arXiv 1704.01093: pdf, ps.

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