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1299. Saskia Chambille and Kien Huu Nguyen
Proof of Cluckers-Veys's conjecture on exponential sums for polynomials with log-canonical threshold at most a half

Submission date: 8 September 2017


In this paper, we will give two proofs of the Cluckers-Veys conjecture on exponential sums for the case of polynomials in Z[x_{1}, ... ,x_{n}] having log-canonical thresholds at most one half. In particular, these results imply Igusa's conjecture and Denef-Sperber's conjecture under the same restriction on the log-canonical threshold.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 11L07, 03C98 11L05 11S40 11U09 12L12 14E18

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Full text arXiv 1709.02682: pdf, ps.

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