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1418. Victoria Gould, Alexander Mikhalev, Evgeny Palyutin, Alena Stepanova
Model-theoretic properties of free, projective, and flat S-acts

Submission date: 25 April 2018


This is the second in a series of articles surveying the body of work on the model theory of S-acts over a monoid S. The first concentrated on the theory of regular S-acts. Here we review the material on model-theoretic properties of free, projective, and (strongly, weakly) flat S-acts. We consider questions of axiomatizability, completeness, model completeness, and stability for these classes. Most but not all of the results have already appeared; we remark that the description of those monoids S such that the class of free left S-acts is axiomatizable, is new.

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Full text arXiv 1804.09351: pdf, ps.

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