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1423. A. V. Mikhalev, E. V. Ovchinnikova, E. A. Palyutin, A. A. Stepanova
Theoretic--model Properties of Regular Polygons

Submission date: 8 May 2018


This work is dedicated to the results were got in the model theory of the regular polygons. We give the characterization of the monoids with axiomatizable and model complete class of regular polygons. We describe the monoids with complete class of regular polygons which satisfy the additional conditions. We study the monoids, whose regular core is presented as a union of the finite number of principal right ideals, all regular polygons over which have the stable and superstable theory. We prove the stability of the axiomatizable model complete class of regular polygons and we also describe the monoids with the superstable and ω--stable class of regular polygons when this class is axiomatizable and model complete.

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Full text arXiv 1805.02918: pdf, ps.

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