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1584. Nathália Moraes de Oliveira and Enric Nart
Defectless polynomials over henselian fields and inductive valuations

Submission date: 15 March 2019


Let (K,v) be a henselian valued field. Let ℙ^{dless} ⊆ K[x] be the set of monic, irreducible polynomials which are defectless and have degree greater than one. For a certain equivalence relation ≈ on ℙ^{dless}, we establish a canonical bijection 𝕄 → ℙ^{dless}/≈, where 𝕄 is a discrete MacLane space, constructed in terms of inductive valuations on K[x] extending v.

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Full text arXiv 1903.06736: pdf, ps.

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