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1589. José Leonardo Ángel Bautista
The precontraction group of the field of logarithmic transseries 𝕋_{log}

Submission date: 28 March 2019


As a first step to understand the theory of the structure 𝕋_{log} of logarithmic transseries as an ordered valued logarithmic field, we focus on the map χ induced by the logarithm of 𝕋_{log} in its value group Γ_{log} and study the theory of the precontraction group (Γ_{log}, χ). Particularly, we show that this theory is model complete and complete, and we characterize all definable subsets of the discrete set χ(Γ_{log}).

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C10

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Full text arXiv 1903.12042: pdf, ps.

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