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Preprints Number 32 to 38

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  • 32. Ehud Hrushovski The Elementary Theory of the Frobenius Automorphisms (arXiv)
  • 33. Ehud Hrushovski, Ya'acov Peterzil A question of van den Dries and a theorem of Lipshitz and Robinson: Not everything is standard (arXiv)
  • 34. Ehud Hrushovski, David Kazhdan Integration in valued fields (arXiv)
  • 35. Deirdre Haskell, Ehud Hrushovski, Dugald Macpherson Stable domination and independence in algebraically closed valued fields (arXiv)
  • 36. Ehud Hrushovski Groupoids, imaginaries and internal covers (arXiv)
  • 37. Ehud Hrushovski, Ya'acov Peterzil, Anand Pillay Groups, measures, and the NIP (arXiv)
  • 38. Ehud Hrushovski, David Kazhdan The value ring of geometric motivic integration and the Iwahori Hecke algebra of SL_2 (arXiv)

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