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Preprint Number 361

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361. Vincenzo Mantova
Involution on Zilber fields

Submission date: 20 September 2011.


After recalling the definition of Zilber field, and the main conjecture behind them, we prove that Zilber fields of cardinality up to the continuum have involutions, i.e., automorphisms of order two analogous to complex conjugation on Cexp. Moreover, we also prove that for continuum cardinality there is an involution whose fixed field, as a real closed field, is isomorphic to the field of real numbers, and such that the kernel is exactly 2πiZ, answering a question of Zilber, Kirby, Macintyre and Onshuus.

The proof is obtained with an explicit construction of a Zilber field with the required properties. As further applications of this technique, we also classify the exponential subfields of Zilber fields, and we produce some exponential fields with involutions such that the exponential function is order-preserving, or even continuous, and all of the axioms of Zilber fields are satisfied except for the strong exponential-algebraic closure, which is replaced by some weaker axioms.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C60 (Primary), 08C10, 12L12

Keywords and phrases: conjugation; involution; pseudoexponentiation; real closed fields; Zilber fields

Full text arXiv 1109.6155: pdf, ps.

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