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402. Annalisa Conversano, Paola D'Aquino and Salma Kuhlmann
Saturated O-Minimal Expansions of Real Closed Fields

Submission date: 17 December 2011.


In [KKMZ02] we gave a valuation theoretic characterization for a real closed field to be κ-saturated, for a cardinal κ \geq \aleph_0. In this paper, we adapt the proof of [KKMZ02, Theorem 6.2], and generalize the result, giving necessary and sufficient conditions for an o-minimal expansion of a real closed field to be κ-saturated.

Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 06A05, 12J10, 12J15, 12L12, 13A18, Secondary: 03C60, 12F05, 12F10, 12F20

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Full text arXiv 1112.4078: pdf, ps.

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