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Preprint Number 484

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484. Jakub Gismatullin, Davide Penazzi and Anand Pillay
Some model theory of SL(2,R)

Submission date: 1 August 2012.


We study the action of G = SL(2,R) on its type space S_G(R) where R denotes the field of real numbers. We identify a minimal closed G-flow I, and an idempotent r of I (with the respect to the Ellis semigroup structure * on I). We show that the group (r*I,*) has 2 elements, yielding a negative answer to a question of Newelski.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C45, 22E46, 37B05

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Full text arXiv 1208.0196: pdf, ps.

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