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Preprint Number 517

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517. Antoine Ducros
Les espaces de Berkovich sont modérés, d'après E. Hrushovski et F. Loeser

Submission date: 16 October 2012.


This is the (revised) printed version of the talk no 1056 (june 2012) of the Bourbaki seminar, which will be published in an Astérisque volume. This is a report on a paper by Hrushovski and Loeser (/arxiv:1009.0252). In this paper they establish, using in a crucial way model-theoretic tools and especially the notion of a stably dominated type, various tameness properties of the topology of algebraic Berkovich spaces (e.g. they prove that such a space has the homotopy type of a compact polyhedron).

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64, 03C65, 03C99, 14G22

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Full text arXiv 1210.4336: pdf, ps.

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