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Preprint Number 560

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560. Richard Harland and Mike Prest
Modules with irrational slope over tubular algebras
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Submission date: 28 February 2013.


Let A be a tubular algebra and let r be a positive irrational. Let D(r) be the definable subcategory of A-modules of slope r. Then the width of the lattice of pp formulas for D(r) is undefined. It follows that if A is countable then there is a superdecomposable pure-injective module of slope r.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 16G20, 16G70, 03C60

Keywords and phrases: tubular algebra, pure-injective module, definable subcategory, pp formula, width, superdecomposable module.

Full text arXiv 1302.6763: pdf, ps.

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