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Preprint Number 60

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60. Martin Hils
La fusion libre: le cas simple

Submission date: 7 March 2007. Revised version: 5 January 2008.


We construct the free fusion of two geometric theories T_1 and T_2, over a common reduct T_0 which is strongly minimal and omega-categorical. If T_1 and T_2 are supersimple of SU-rank 1 (assuming an additional hypothesis, satisfied e.g. if the T_i are stable or if T_0 has a trivial geometry), we show that the completions of the free fusion are supersimple of SU-rank at most omega.

Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 03C45; Secondary: 03C35, 03C60

Keywords and phrases: Model Theory, Fusion, Simple Theories

Full text: pdf, dvi, ps (1st version: pdf, dvi, ps.)

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