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695. Eliana Barriga, Alf Onshuus, Charles Steinhorn
Decomposable ordered groups

Submission date: 26 February 2014.


Decomposable ordered structures were introduced in [OnSt] to develop a general framework to study “finite-dimensional” totally ordered structures. This paper continues this work to include decomposable structures on which a ordered group operation is defined on the structure. The main result at this level of generality asserts that any such group is supersolvable, and that topologically it is homeomorphic to the product of o-minimal groups. Then, working in an o-minimal ordered field R satisfying some additional assumptions, in Sections 3-7 definable ordered groups of dimension 2 and 3 are completely analyzed modulo definable group isomorphism. Lastly, this analysis is refined to provide a full description of these groups with respect to definable ordered group isomorphism.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64(primary) 06F15 (secondary)

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Full text arXiv 1402.6520: pdf, ps.

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