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Preprint Number 793

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793. Saeed Ghasemi
Reduced products of metric structures: a metric Feferman-Vaught theorem

Submission date: 4 November 2014.


We extend the classical Feferman-Vaught theorem to the logic for metric structures. This implies that the reduced powers of elementarily equivalent structures are elementarily equivalent, and therefore they are isomorphic under the Continuum Hypothesis. We also prove the existence of two separable C*-algebras of the form \bigoplus_i M_{k(i)}(C) such that the assertion that their coronas are isomorphic is independent from ZFC, which gives the first example of genuinely non-commutative coronas of separable C*-algebras with this property.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03Cxx, 46Lxx

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Full text arXiv 1411.0794: pdf, ps.

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