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794. Richard Gustavson, Marina Kondratieva, and Alexey Ovchinnikov
New effective differential Nullstellensatz

Submission date: 4 November 2014.


We show new upper and lower bounds for the effective differential Nullstellensatz for differential fields of characteristic zero with several commuting derivations. Seidenberg was the first to address this problem in 1956, without giving a complete solution. The first explicit bounds appeared in 2009 in a paper by Golubitsky, Kondratieva, Szanto, and Ovchinnikov, with the upper bound expressed in terms of the Ackermann function. D'Alfonso, Jeronimo, and Solern\'o, using novel ideas, obtained in 2014 a new bound if restricted to the case of one derivation and constant coefficients. To obtain the bound in the present paper without this restriction, we extend this approach and use the new methods of Freitag and Le&oacut;n Sánchez and of Pierce from 2014, which represent a model-theoretic approach to differential algebraic geometry.

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Full text arXiv 1411.1000: pdf, ps.

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