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Preprint Number 911

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911. Ove Ahlman
Simple structures axiomatized by almost sure theories

Submission date: 25 August 2015.


In this article we give a classification of the binary, simple, ω-categorical structures with SU-rank 1 and trivial pregeometry. This is done both by showing that they satisfy certain extension properties, but also by noting that they may be approximated by the almost sure theory of some sets of finite structures equipped with a probability measure. This study give results about general almost sure theories, but also considers certain attributes which, if they are almost surely true, generate almost sure theories with very specific properties such as ω-stability or strong minimality.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C30, 03C45, 03C13, 60F20

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Full text arXiv 1508.06039: pdf, ps.

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