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Torino, the capital of the Province of Piedmont, is situated on the western edge of the Padana Plain,
between the Po hills and the Alps, where the Doria Riparia and Po Rivers converge.

Torino is the fourth most popular city in Italy, after Rome, Milan and Naples.
An important economic center, its main industry is automobiles (80% of Italy’s entire production),
along with subsidiary industries like steel and metal working, and motors for aeronautical and naval industries.


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Useful Numbers :

Turismo Torino – offices
Atrium Torino - Piazza Solferino : 011/535181
Porta Nuova Railway Station : 011/53.13.27
Torino Caselle International Airport Tel : 011/5676361 / 011/5676362

Carabinieri : 112
Police : 113
Fire Brigade : 115
Financial Police : 117
Medical Emergency service : 118
Urban Police : 011/56401
Antivenins Centre : 011/6637637
police headquarters : 011/55881
ACI – Breakdown service : 803000


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Meeting on Set Theory nad Analysis, 10-12 July 2006
and Politechnic of Torino