Będlewo, July 9 - 13, 2007

How to get to Poznań than to Będlewo


To Poznań by AIR : Poznań Ławica Airport

Lawica Airport is located 7 km from the city centre, in the vicinity of the route leading directly to the major city points and next to the road out of Poznan to Berlin and Warsaw. It is possible to get to the city centre from the airport using line 59 or express line L, that is going directly to Railway Station. In line L the ticket price doubles and one can take one piece of luggage free of charge. Next to the airport hall exit there is a TAXI rank, it is however worthwhile calling RADIO TAXI.

To Poznań by TRAIN : Polskie Koleje Państwowe

How to get from Poznań to Będlewo

(The village of Będlewo is located ca 30 km to the south from Poznań).

By minibus: we will organize minibus transportation from the Poznań airport to Będlewo on Sunday July 8th in the afternoon. The minibus will wait for the participants at the airport parking and have a big sign 'Będlewo' on it. It will leave from the airport at 16h, 18h and 20h. If you are arriving at the airport after 20h please contact us via this website.

By taxi: the taxi ride to Będlewo costs around 100 PLN (25 euros). Please call the secretary in Będlewo at +48 (0) 61 8135187 and ask her to reserve a taxi for you.

By train to Mosina and then by taxi to the Conference Center at Bedlewo (approx. 9 km, price 40-50 PLN)
or bus from Mosina (railway station) to Dymaczewo Nowe (3 km to the east of Będlewo).
Timetables : Poznań - Mosina | Mosina - Poznań

By train to Steszew - then by bus to the stop "Będlewo Skrzyżowanie"
(2.5 km to the west of the palace, on the crossing of the roads).
Timetables : Poznan - Steszew | Steszew - Poznan

Consult Routes to Będlewo (map)


In the palace and hotel.

There are 55 single rooms, 15 twin rooms and 9 two-room suites. The Center is open all year round. Besides the Palace premises there are 4 meeting rooms with 40, 60, 100, 120 seats and full audiovisual equipment.

This place is well prepared for comfortable accommodation of two parallel workshops, each with 50-60 participants, which can be held completely independently or interact, stimulating interdisciplinary contacts. Leisure facilities include sauna, bicycles, table tannis, billiard.

Excursions : Poznan, Kornik - Rogalin, Szreniawa, Gniezno.

THE PALACE (click to enlarge) The palace
THE HOTEL (click to enlarge) The hotel