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    I have been working since October 1983 as a researcher in mathematics in the French C.N.R.S. (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). I am doing my research in the Mathematical Logic Group of University Paris VII. I completed my first doctoral thesis (These de Doctorat de 3ème Cycle) in May 1981, and my higher doctoral thesis (These de Doctorat d'Etat) in October 1986.
    My research (see the list of publications) is concerning mainly the algebraic and model theoretic properties of groups and other algebraic structures. In particular, I consider finitely generated groups which are elementarily equivalent without being isomorphic (see here for definitions). I give examples and characterizations of elementary equivalence for some classes of finitely generated groups (and diagrams of groups) by considering their finite images. Others are obtained from the decompositions of a group in direct products of indecomposable groups (similar phenomena appear for multilinear maps and ordered abelian groups). The remaining results concern axiomatization and other model-theoretic properties of groups.
    Presently, I am working on the algebraic and model-theoretic properties of tilings, in connexion with the theory of aperiodic tilings and quasicrystals.
    I also have activities of popularization of astronomy through Société Astronomique de France.

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