Popularization of astronomy

    Since September 2006, I am Secretary General of Société Astronomique de France (about 2000 members), which was founded by Camille Flammarion in 1887. Its magazine L'Astronomie is published monthly.

    Since October 2000, I am the Administrator of the observatory of Société Astronomique de France, which is located in a tower at the top of Sorbonne University. Public observation sessions using a refracting telescope (diameter 153 mm, focal length 2300 mm) take place there on Monday and Friday evenings. At night, it is possible to observe the Moon, the planets, their main satellites, the rings of Saturn, some double stars... During the day, sunspots are observed on projected images of the sun.

    My other activities in Société Astronomique de France are concerning, in particular, the restoration of Camille Flammarion's observatory in Juvisy, and the participation to the Salon de la Culture et des Jeux Mathématiques.

Refracting telescope