MODNET Training Workshop- Model theory and Applications

La Roche-en-Ardenne, 20-25 April 2008.

A meeting of  the research training network in Model Theory MODNET

MODNET is an FP6 Marie Curie Research Training Network in Model Theory and its Applications, funded by the European Commission under contract number MRTN-CT-2004-512234

Preliminary references on the subjects of the tutorials and abstracts of talks:

On Valued fields.
Find a summary of Dugald Macpherson's tutorial and a list of references.

The talk of Luc Bélair will be based on the following classical references .

Zoé Chatzidakis has kindly made available some lectures notes (in French) she wrote on Model theory of valued fields .

On Motivic Integration.
Please find the following links for background material for the tutorial of Raf Cluckers:
  • Iceland's lectures of F. Loeser.
  • Seattle's lectures of F. Loeser.
  • a paper by R. Cluckers and F. Loeser on b-minimality .
  • a note by R. Cluckers on b-minimal local fields .

  • Abstracts of the course on Motivic Integration by R. Cluckers.
  • Abstract of Immanuel Halupczok's talk and suggestions of preliminary readings.
  • Johannes Nicaise's abstract and a list of references and further readings.

    On Interactions between Model theory and number theory (Galois groups and transcendence)
    Please find here a preliminary program for this tutorial, a list of references and more importantly a list of preliminary readings ...

    We put here a list of web links where you can find some of the references, listed in part IV of the above bibliography:

    The web page of Daniel Bertrand contains the reference [Be]

    The web page of Piotr Kowalski contains the two references [Ko1] (paper 13) and [Ko2] (Slide 3) ;

    The web page of Anand Pillay contains his 3 lecture notes on Model Theory , Stability theory and Applied Stability theory (already on the Modnet server)

    The reference [Pi] in part II (Preliminary readings) ..

    The web page of Jonathan Kirby contains his recent arXiv preprint available at [Ki]

    The web page of Dave Marker contains his paper on Manin Kernels.

    A paper of Paul Votja on Jets via Hasse-Schmidt Derivations

    On Finite Model Theory.
  • Complexity of First- and Monadic Second-Order Logic by Stephan Kreutzer.

    Abstracts of short talks.
  • Gismatullin
  • Servi
  • Caycedo
  • Dello Stritto
  • Kaplan
  • Maalouf