Modnet review meeting/ Groupe de contact F.N.R.S., January 21-23, 2007.

To be held on the campus of Mons-Hainaut University (6, avenue du champ de mars, 7.000 Mons, Belgium), in "Le Pentagone" Institut de Mathématiques (U.M.H.) and "Batiment des Grands Amphitheatres" .
In the link Mons, you will find a map; everything is at walking distance. In front of the station, on the right, there are free shuttles touring the city.

Program of the "Groupe de contact FNRS", Sunday January 21 st and Tuesday 23rd, 2007.

List of speakers, abstracts and tentative schedule (.pdf).
Sunday 13h30-19h15, D. Macpherson, L. Newelski, F. Wagner, H. Adler, M. Petrykowski, P.Kowalski, M. Kamensky.
Tuesday 9h-13h05 C. Toffalori, M. Prest, C. Riviere, S.Ramdriambololona, T. De Piro.

Organizers: Christian Michaux (e-mail: Christian.Michaux at, Françoise Point (e-mail: Francoise.Point at
Sponsored by the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique

Program of the review Modnet meeting, Monday 22nd January 2007.

It will take place at "Salle des conseils, Batiment des grands amphitheatres, which is situated in front of the "Pentagone", 1er etage."

10:30h - 10:45h: Introduction by the Commission's representative
10:45h - 11:45h: Coordinator's Report
11:45h - 13:00: Tour de table/Presentations
13:00h - 14:00h: Lunch Break
14:00h - 15:00h: Meeting between Young Researchers and the Commission's representative
15:00h - 16:00h: Meeting between Scientists in charge and the Commission's representative
16:00h - 17:00h: Open Discussion


1. Infhotel: Inhotel

A number of rooms have been reserved in this hotel for the participants, till january 12th, for sunday night; however, since there are different requirements, you will have to personnally book your room, possibly for additional nights, using the acronym "Modnet" (the sooner the better, I was told). No deposit fee is required, there is a 10% rebate if you pay cash on arrival.
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