MODNET Training Workshop

La Roche-en-Ardenne, 20-25 April 2008.

A meeting of  the research training network in Model Theory MODNET

MODNET is an FP6 Marie Curie Research Training Network in Model Theory and its Applications, funded by the European Commission under contract number MRTN-CT-2004-512234


Arrival Day

Sunday April 20th early afternoon.There will be shuttles from Marloie to La Roche. The conference begins at 3 p.m..

Departure Day

Friday April 25th, late afternoon (4 p.m.). Depending on demands we will organize shuttles from LaRoche to Marloie and a bus transfer to Brussels airport.

Tutorials (6 hours) will be completed by 1 hour talks and questions sessions.

  • On valued fields:
    • D. Macpherson (6 hours),
    • with introductory talk given by Luc Bélair.
    • two hour question sessions organized by M. Hils.
  • On motivic integration:
    • R. Cluckers: 4 hours,
    • I. Halupzok: 1 hour,
    • J. Nicaise: 1 hour.
    • two hours questions sessions organized by I. Halupzok.
  • On interactions between model theory and number theory (Galois groups and transcendence).
    • D. Bertrand (2 hours),
    • P. Kowalski (2 hours) and
    • A. Pillay (2 hours),
    • They will each organize their own hour question session. This tutorial will be completed by talks given by:
    • Z. Chatzidakis (1 hour).
    • J. Kirby (1 hour),
  • On finite model theory.
    • A. Dawar (2 hours) This last tutorial is an introduction to the tutorial for the Modnet event in Manchester (July 2008). It will be completed by a talk of
    • S. Kreutzer (1 hour), and a question session organized by
    • D. Richerby (1 hour).

    Two series of short talks.

  • On monday: I. Kaplan (Lyon), F. Maalouf (Paris), T. Servi (Mons)
  • On wednesday: J.D. Caycedo (Oxford), P. Dello Stritto (Lyon), J. Gismatullin (Wroclaw).

  • Please find the detailed program here .